Day 1 Road trip for Seconds

Day 1 start at Ikaya Resort in Keimoes. This resort is on the R27 towards Kenhardt from Keimoes town.

From Ikaya turn right towards Keimoes
After 2,1km at the 4-way stop, turn left onto the N14 towards Kakamas
After 17km, turn left onto a tarred road towards “Forster Eiland” and “Die Punt Caravan Park”
Follow the tarred road which then leads onto a gravel road for 5,2km to the takeout point of the first portage (Viewpoint 4)
Track back to the N14 and turn left towards Kakamas for 23km
Directly after crossing the bridge turn left at “Die Mas” sign (There is a greenboat on stilts)
Follow the road for 2,7km to the finish of Day 1 at Die Mas

Seconds Info

Route Option A
Turn Left onto the N10 towards Groblershoop
After 1.4km turn right in the dip onto the R359
After 8km turn right onto the paved road towards Riva Resort (Viewpoint 1)
On your way back turn right again onto the R359
After 8,5km turn right onto a gravel road and follow it down to the river (Viewpoint 2)
On your way back turn right again onto the R359
In 7km turn right into Oranjerus. (Finish of Day 2)

Seconds Info

Route Option B
Turn right onto N10 towards Upington Town
Take the first turnoff left just over the bridge
At the robot turn left onto the N14
About 7km from start turn left onto a gravel road down to the river
At the T-junction, turn right and park outside the gate
It’s a short walk over the water canel down to the river (Viewpoint 3)
Track back to the start and follow Option A route