Race Route

From Upington to Oranjerus and iKaia River Lodge to Die Mas Van Kakamas

Day 1: Upington to Oranjerus – 30km


  1. We will be a mass start at Sakkie se Arkie on the right side of the river.
  2. After passing right, under the Upington Main Bridge, keep going river right to where the main stream splits.
  3. 5km – Where the main stream splits, keep to the far right. This stream will be clearly marked with a sign and enter the small weir anywhere on the right.
4. 800m – The river splits into two channels both are the same distance. In the right channel you’ll find “Eerste” Rapid. You can shoot it on the right hand side. The left channel is only an option on a high level.
5. 1.6km – “Raaswater” – Follow the green arrows on the rocks to the right channel. Hug the reed island at the top of the rapid, aim for the left or right of the big rock in the middle. Choose your line either to the left or right of the rocks at the bottom.
6. 1.9km – “Oukamp” Rapid, you can shoot it on the left OR right depending on the water level. Right is the safer option.
7. 2km – Keep in the main stream on the left.
8. 14km – Keep in the far left stream that will be clearly marked with signs. The river splits around Kanoneiland.
9. 400m – Kanoneiland Weir – Shoot the weir far left, if there is not enough water you may portage.
10. 5.5km – Oranjerus – Day 1 Finish

Day 2: Ikaia, Keimoes to Die Mas, Kakamas – 39km

Start of day 2 will be at Ikaia Resort just outside Keimoes on the R27 on route to Cape Town.
Batches start first, and thereafter the Elapse Time Start for first 20min finishers of day 1

  1. 3.4km – Keimoes Weir – Shoot in the middle of the river and then choose your line left or right .
  2. 5.3km – Elim Eiland Weir – Shoot in the middle just right of the reed island and slide over the weir down the rocks.
3. 4km – Pype Weir – Shoot in the middle of the river
4. 500m – “Die Punt” Portage Rapid- Enter at the top river right and follow the flow on the right.
5. Just below this rapid is the channel going into your right to “Die Punt” Portage – Portage on the right (1,4km portage)
6. 1.7km – Broken Weir – Keep to river right and hit the wave train in the middle. Choose your line left or right.
7. 1.8km – Wavetrain – Shoot in the middle
8. 3.4km – Warmsand Weir – Stick to River right and follow the main stream.
9. 7.2km – Neus Weir Portage – Portage on the right
10. Get into the water canal and paddle 1,6km to canal take out.
11. Portage to the left side of the canal. Portage for 300m and get back into the river at the cement steps.
12. 1,1km – Gorge Rapid – the river makes a channel going left around a reed island. The first channel left makes a 90° turn to your left and is marked in RED. This is the main rapid and the fastest line but as seen in the photos below it is the more difficult line.
The second option in GREEN shows the easier line, pass the first channel going left around the rock island and then follow the stream around the corner until they meet up again.
13. 350m – Entrance to “Neus Gorge” – This point will have a few guides on duty. Look at the river signals.
Aim for the left side of the two rocks situated in the middle of the river. This will line you up with the middle of the drop that is very swirly.
14. 8km – Die Mas van Kakamas – Finish Day 2


Waldo van der Linde
072 184 9090